Why work with us?

Every tech add-on you need

From cases, chargers, and mounts, to privacy filters and laptop bags, we offer every imaginable tech add-on under the sun. While some organizations use us to source a single product, others make us their exclusive contact for all of their accessory and supporting product needs. Our one-stop shop gives clients the ability to save both time and money by bulk ordering through us.

Consistent branding across your organization

Did you know that colour alone increases brand recognition by 80%? By providing consistency across all of your interactions with clients, investors, and the general public, your brand remains memorable. We help you brand your technology to match your business - increasing awareness among all of your stakeholders.

Custom sourced solutions, on time

As of August, 2015, Android alone powers 24,093 unique devices. This makes for a plethora of unique screen protector, case, and other tech add-on needs. Regardless of how mainstream or unique your electronics are, we can help develop and manufacture solutions that perfectly meet your needs - and deliver them on time.

The ability to scale up when you need it

Today your company has a fleet of 10 mobile devices, but you’re idealistic - within 12 months you hope to double your fleet size. During this ambitious growth cycle, Viakeys can help you maintain a consistent brand image across all of your devices. As new team members and equipment are added, we can keep your branding front-and-centre.

A positive team working alongside you to achieve your goals

Buying business inventory doesn't mean your experience should be impersonal. We work closely with you to ensure you end with the product you want, the first time round. From branding, to material quality, to packaging and delivery - we want to make sure that the final product matches up with every one of your requests.

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